Let me again say thank you for taking the time to visit my website. This website was set up strictly to direct people that I meet in my journey through life to Flickr where I have stored all of the my photos to share with everyone.


Let me first address the name WanaM3! Where in the world did that come from? When I first signed onto the internet all too long ago to remember, my brother told me that I needed a screen name that I could use online! Not only do I love nature and aircraft but my dream has been to own a BMW M3. Okay!!!! That dream has been an elusive one but I really do wana M3 and so the name WanaM3 was hatched. Enough of that!


I will once again make a bit of a change to my statements here about my desire for an M3. That desire to own an M3 ended with the introduction of the latest M3. I enjoy a beautifully executed car and the last one that I would own would be the 5th generation F80. It’s the last beautiful M3 produced. The new M3 is HIDEOUSLY ugly in my opinion and a very poor design. Enough said, because I’m really not a car critic. The ultimate dream would be to own a McLaren F1 from 1994, but I’m not sure that Fort Knox has enough gold in it to be able to afford one of those. I’ll just dream on and drive my little red Mazda.






I am simply an aging citizen who enjoys taking photos and sharing them with a few friends online. I have absolutely no formal training and began taking photos back in '75 when I purchased my first Minolta SRT 201 film camera! I have always loved aircraft as well and wanted to take photos and thought that the 35mm camera would do the trick but knew little about optics and such and soon found out that it took some serious glass to capture those types of photos and I didn't have the money for the long lenses. Since I was always fascinated by the colors on the sky at sunrise and sunset I set out to do the best that I could to record those marvelous colors that occur at that time of the day along with some landscape and static aircraft shots.


It was not till around 2006 when I decided to insure my camera and take it to the bayou that things began to change. I enjoyed canoeing and had been doing that for a few years before I decided to take the camera along. I made do with a 75-300 lens and managed to grab a few shots of the bayou critters! Around 2009 I managed to step up to some better optics to fit on my venerable Sony A700.  It made photographing the animals on the bayou a bit easier and also got me a bit closer to the aircraft flying by at airshows.  I had always wanted  a Nikon and was finally able to make the jump a couple of years ago! I might add that for those of you who think the Sony equipment is inferior that you might want to think again!! Always remember that it's the character adjusting all of those settings on the equipment that is responsible for what falls out of that memory card!!


I'll not run on for too long and will just say that I still enjoy paddling and taking photos although I have done very little paddling this year. I hope that I can get back to the bayou and keep an eye on all of those critters and most especially on my little green friends! I'll also keep an eye on my water lizard friends and try to keep them all in line.


Thanks again for dropping by and I wish everyone the very best and hope and pray that all of your dreams come true! Thanks also to my wife who has always supported my madness and is so very tolerant of my photo phorays: May God bless each and every one of you and I hope to see you on the bayou some day!!





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